A new decade is upon us and Tesla is entering 2020 at the front of the electric vehicle pack. With their performance, looks, and self-driving capabilities, Teslas are a consumer’s dream car, and the sales numbers tell the story.

The company gained a lot of traction in 2019, delivering over 367,000 vehicles. Of course, the majority of these vehicles were the affordable and sleek Tesla Model 3.

With the Model 3 becoming more popular and common to see on the road, people are looking to make their ride unique to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best Tesla Model 3 accessories to add some unique touches to your vehicle. These affordable accessories are sure to turn some heads and keep you riding in style!

Interior Tesla Model 3 Accessories

1. Trim/Panel Covers

white tesla model 3 interior

This 13-piece kit will not only give your interior a whole new look, but also protect it from scratches, heat marks, and stains. Each cover is made with high-quality ABS material to allow for a better look and better durability than vinyl wraps. The covers are custom designed for a Tesla Model 3, so each piece will fit perfectly and is easily applied with the provided adhesive that won’t damage your car.

Covers are available in white, red, yellow, and carbon fiber appearance. The kit includes covers for the following areas:

  • Dashboard
  • Steering Wheel
  • Center Console Panel
  • Side of Center Console
  • Armrest Box
  • Rear Air Conditioning Vent Outlet Frame
  • Rear Anti-kick Board

2. Seat Covers

red tesla model 3 seat covers

This is another product that will help protect against stains and scratches, while giving your interior a bold new look. These impressive-looking seat covers are made with eco-friendly PU leather. They are wear-resistant, anti-static, breathable, drape-resistant for a firm fit, and do not affect airbag functionality.

Each package contains 4 front seat covers, 5 back covers, and 2 back door side covers. Choose from red, white, or a black/white combo.

3. Center Console Wireless Phone Charger

tesla model 3 wireless phone charger

This dual wireless phone charger is highly rated, more reliable than the Tesla-designed charger, and costs only a fraction of the price. The piece plugs directly into the USB port and fits perfectly in the center console to give it a clean stock look.

The charger uses an anti-slip material with a lip at the bottom so your phone will not slide around while driving, and LED lights to show the charging status. Two Qi-enabled smartphones can be charged simultaneously.

4. All-weather Floor Mats

tesla model 3 floor mats

An investment in good floor mats will go a long way in protecting your Model 3 interior from dirt, grease, mud, snow, salt, and any other debris that may make it into your vehicle. These specific floor mats feature a unique 3-layer structure of protection and won’t give off that cheap rubbery look of most other mats.

The floor mats have an anti-skid bottom layer to keep the mats in place, so there is no Velcro that will damage the original carpet. These floor mats are a great option for anyone looking to protect their interior carpet while still maintaining that stylish look of the Model 3.

5. Aluminum Alloy Foot Pedals

tesla model 3 aluminum alloy foot pedals

Foot pedals are a simple accessory to give your interior a sleek look. These custom-designed pedals easily attach onto the existing pedals with provided adhesive for quick installation. They have a non-slip surface that is safe for driving and anti-corrosion properties to prolong their lifespan.

The kit contains an accelerator pedal cover, brake pedal cover, and foot rest pedal cover.

6. Glass Screen Protector

tesla model 3 screen protector

This screen protector is a low-cost option to protect your display screen and keep it looking like new. The reinforced glass is anti-scratch, shock-resistant, fingerprint-resistant, bubble-free, and does not affect the touchscreen sensitivity. Installation is quick, easy, and gives a precise fit.

7. LED Cup Holder Light

tesla model 3 LED cup holder light

A little extra lighting in your car can provide a whole new look at night. These LED lights fit inside of your cup holders to create a cool and unique ambiance. The lights are waterproof and provide 17 different modes of solid color and color-changing effects.

These lights are charged via micro-USB and it only takes two hours of charging to get 15 days of use.

8. LED Door Sill Scuff Plate

tesla model 3 LED door sill scuff plate

This is another great product to add some additional lighting to your Model 3. This scuff plate will protect from scratches and scuffs on your door sill and it uses magnets to turn on and provide a cool LED lighting effect when you open your door.

The plates are easily installed with 3M self-adhesive tape on the back. Charging via USB allows the lights to operate for months before needing charged again.

Exterior Tesla Model 3 Accessories

9. Full Chrome Delete Kit

tesla model 3 chrome delete kit

A chrome delete kit is a must-have for many car enthusiasts. It’s a simple but very effective way to give your vehicle a more aggressive look. This specific kit contains everything necessary to get rid of all of the chrome on the exterior of your Model 3 by replacing it with either satin, gloss, or matte black vinyl.

The vinyl is made from weather rated 3M material to withstand harsh conditions, and of course, car washes. The best thing about this kit is it includes EVERYTHING you need, including a heat gun, squeegees, video instructions, and TWO full kits in case you make a mistake. Precision-cut vinyl is provided for the following chrome sections:

  • Mirrors
  • Top Trim
  • Door Trim
  • Tesla Emblems
  • Door Handles
  • Side Indicators

10. Rear Spoiler

tesla model 3 carbon fiber rear spoiler

A rear spoiler is a great accessory for Model 3 owners without the performance upgrade (which comes with a spoiler). This spoiler is made from a durable ABS plastic that appears like real carbon fiber. It is custom designed and made specifically for the Tesla Model 3.

The great thing about this spoiler is how easy it is to install. It simply sticks to your vehicle with the strong double-sided adhesive on the back of the spoiler. No tools or screws are required, so you won’t have to put any holes in your vehicle.

11. Wheel Cap & Lug Nut Covers

tesla model 3 wheel cap

Sometimes even the smallest accents can really make your vehicle stand out. These center wheel caps featuring the Tesla logo do just that for aftermarket or hidden Aero wheels, giving a whole new look for a low cost. The caps are durable, waterproof, and made from an anti-rust material. The kit comes with 4 center caps and 20 lug nut covers.

12. Soundproof Door Seal

tesla model 3 door seal

In owning a Tesla, one obvious fact is that you don’t hear the noise of an engine. The result of this is noticing more road noise and other outside sounds. One solution is to drive everywhere with your music turned up to drown out the outside noises (my personal solution). But the other option is to install one of these door seal kits to drastically reduce the road, wind, and other outside noise.

The rubber door seals are flexible, waterproof, and easy to install with the provided adhesive. The package contains 8 custom-cut strips for the front door, rear door, front pillar, and center pillar.

13. Side Mirror Cover

tesla model 3 side mirror cover

A side mirror cover with a carbon fiber appearance would look great next to the rear spoiler we showed earlier. This piece is custom-fit for a Tesla Model 3. It is made out of ABS plastic for better durability than a vinyl wrap. No tools are required for installation.

Choose from either a carbon fiber, silver, or chrome appearance to match your style.

14. LED Puddle Lights

tesla model 3 puddle lights

This is another simple accessory for your Model 3 that can add a bit of style and turn heads to your vehicle. These puddle lights will shine a clear, bright image of the Tesla logo when you open your doors. The lights have a long lifespan and no additional wiring is needed.

15. Front License Plate Mount

tesla model 3 front license plate

Whether your state requires a front license plate or you just want to display your own unique plate for looks, it’s important to have a good front plate mount. This mount is perfect because it was designed specifically for the Model 3, even featuring a “3” logo at the bottom. It doesn’t require any drilling or holes, so it won’t leave any damage on your vehicle.

This mount can be installed in less than a minute and doesn’t interfere with any of the sensors. It is made of rust-proof aluminum.

It doesn’t always take a lot of time or money to give your vehicle a whole new look. We hope you enjoyed these Tesla Model 3 accessories and have fun using some of these items to upgrade your ride!